POR Campania FESR 2014-2020 Axis III – Specific Objective 3.4 – Action 3.4.2 – Public Notice for the granting of contributions aimed at supporting events and initiatives for the international promotion of Campania’s MPMIs in non-EU countries, approved by D.D n.582 of 27/09/2019 CUP: B24E1900189007

Project Title: SIB in Serbia

Project co-financed by the European Union, the Italian State and the Campania Region, under the POR Campania FESR 2014-2020.

Eligible for funding in the amount of € 83,892.90

The company S.I.B. Studio di ingegneria Bello srl, headquartered in Benevento, characterized by the spirit of innovation, always attentive to new technologies and innovations on the market, operates in the field of sustainable construction and in particular energy services, carrying out works for high-performance structures and facilities, with low environmental impact, with the use of methods, internationally recognized, for the evaluation of the consumption of energy resources and the quantification of environmental impacts, with a view to an efficiency of production and consumption chains at the local level, for the improvement of energy performance and working comfort.

The company through the implementation of the proposed project intends to extend its activities beyond national and European borders, exporting its know-how and expertise gained in the field.

For the realization of the objective of the S.I.B., against the backdrop of research and market analysis carried out, Serbia was identified as the target country for the project to internationalize the business. The choice made is based on the potential for economic growth that is affecting the country, Italy-Serbia relations, and the people’s concern for Italy, in all areas. Also to be considered is Belgrade’s position as the Capital of the entire Balkan area, representing among other things a model for economic and social development, trends and fashions. It is therefore a strategic crossroads for reaching the entire Balkan area. In particular, Serbia, with a view to its candidacy for entry into the European Union, is embarking on a major modernization, revaluation and reconstruction project covering the entire country, with the opening of calls for tenders promoted by both the Serbian Ministry of Finance a and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Territorial Authorities.

To support these investments for growth, both economic and social in the country, pre-accession funds (so-called IPAs) are recognized by the European Union in order to co-finance the onerous and complex reforms that candidate countries must implement in order to prepare for EU membership. In the pre-accession phase, IPA funds are granted to the country, which will be replaced by Structural and Investment Funds (E SIF) once the country becomes a member of the EU.

Companies can participate in IPA-funded tenders to take part in the implementation of various types of projects, through services (technical assistance, studies, know-how exchange and training courses), supplies (equipment and materials), works (infrastructure and other engineering works), the scope of S.I.B. Studio di ingegneria Bello.

Also supporting investments in strategic, energy, environmental, social, transportation, and digital infrastructure sectors is a Western Balkan Investment Framework (WBIF) financing fund to support countries in the ‘Balkan region, including Serbia.

In view of the presented opportunities for expansion, related to the target country’s need to invest in environmental and energy reconstruction and revaluation for adjustment to European standards, found with those defined by the Regional Strategy for Research and Innovation for Smart Specialization” (RIS3), the company S.I.B. Studio di ingegneria Bello srl intends to expand its market by participating in the private and public tenders to be issued by the Serbian Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Infrastructure and territorial authorities for the implementation of works in the field of engineering, infrastructure and energy, pertaining to it.

In order to achieve this goal, the company needs to build a dense network of relationships in the target country, and new collaborations with companies and local authorities in the sector, in order to create real collaborations, joint ventures and solid partnerships for partnership participation in the calls for tenders that will be announced from time to time.

The company S.I.B. in this perspective has started the procedure of opening an office in Serbia, specifically in Belgrade, with the hiring of two figures, in order to ensure the company’s presence there, foster promotion and develop relations and collaborations with local partners, as well as to monitor the opening status of tenders in which the company intends to participate.

The goal is thus to penetrate, with the know-how gained over the years, an accessible market, both in terms of geographic proximity and concrete prospects for development in sectors such as energy upgrading, public lighting, power generation from renewable sources, as well as sewage systems, wastewater treatment and aqueducts.

The strategy that the company intends to pursue, within the framework of the regional notice for internationalization projects of enterprises in Campania, is to promote the company in the identified target country, takes the form of the combined use of several strategic levers. Specifically, the program will be implemented by:

  • Realization of agreements and partnerships with the main operators, companies and entities in the sector in the Serbian territory;
  • opening of an office, information point, to ensure the company’s presence in the area for the entire duration of the project, in order to promote the company and consolidate relationships in the area. The opening of a field office presents itself as a key lever, as a point of reference for companies and operators in the sector who want to bring their emissions and impact on the environment in line with European standards;
  • Targeted communication, through the creation of a website in English and Serbian languages within which will be included all the information inherent to the company, with description of the company’s accrued expertise, on the importance of environmental safety, impact assessment and environmental protection, with illustration of works already carried out by the company, whose attention is growing in the Serbian territory;
  • as well as participation in events and creation of promotional materials illustrative of the company’s expertise and on the monitoring and prevention systems implemented by the company.

The advice of the identified professionals, experts in research, marketing and web communication that will enable the identification of market segments to be targeted and the needs to be met, expert consultants in international taxation and legal for the definition of international cooperation contracts, will be crucial for the realization of this objective. The choice of Serbian professionals, who are familiar with the target market, will enable the achievement of the set goals in the most efficient way.


This strategy will also be supported by meeting and demonstration events to be held, with the collaboration of all identified professionals, throughout the project implementation period. Specifically, the following will be implemented:

  • participation in two international trade fairs in the sector, the International Building Trade Fair-SEEBBE and INTERNATIONAL ENERGY FAIR to be held in Belgrade-fairs of international importance, with wide-ranging audience capacity, of fundamental necessity to meet operators and companies in the sector with which to weave an initial network of cooperation;
  • Organization of 4 workshops aimed at promoting business skills and in particular to create new relationships and consolidate those already created with operators and experts in the field in the area;
  • realization of no. 1 incoming event for industry professionals in Italy, with a visit to the company’s headquarters to technically illustrate the elements that distinguish the company for the construction of high-performance plants and structures;
  • During these events, promotional and informational materials will be distributed about the activities already carried out in Italy and the company’s level of knowledge and innovation;
  • Communication actions on the different channels identified, such as on the web, and publicity materials distributed during the events to be held.

The implementation of the strategy to be adopted thus described, targeted to the target market, will be able to achieve the set objectives, through relationships and collaborations with companies in the sector for participation in partnerships, joint ventures in the environmental and energy development and revaluation programs that will be tendered on the entire territory of Serbia.