The company makes use of technologically advanced tools and equipment, as well as application software, which is constantly updated. The field of activity is broad and encompasses many areas of engineering and architecture.


  • We develop activities pertaining to engineering and architecture, including integrated, including services pertaining to urban planning, landscaping, sanitation, safety and ecology;
    scientific and technical consulting services, technical testing and analysis services;
    management services, with the analysis of production processes, maintenance, operation and supply of facilities and services to civil and industrial buildings;
  • The services of design consulting and assistance in the implementation of works,
  • engineering services during construction or installation, construction management and similar; cadastral, topographic, planimetric, aerophotogrammetric, bathymetric and similar surveys;
  • scientific-technical consultations for legal proceedings, measurements, tests and inspections of all kinds: static, thermodynamic, on mechanical and electrical systems, non-destructive, composition and similar inspections, start-up to commissioning tests, pile tests.

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In recent years, the company has developed the field of energy planning, energy production, energy audits, energy diagnosis and monitoring, and environmental plans for sustainable energy.

In addition, the company performs services for the implementation of urban redevelopment programs and color plans; architectural services: urban planning, drafting of municipal and supra-municipal urban plans, all plans required by urban and environmental regulations.

The execution of projects and their implementation is followed in detail by the firm’s R.P.I. (Internal Project Manager), who coordinates and oversees all the various project phases by integrating all the units involved with each other. The availability of information technology tools (HW and SW) that are always at the forefront and constantly updated makes it possible for collaboration among the various professionals, who, from time to time, are involved for customer satisfaction.

The firm has gained considerable experience in assisting Public Entities and private entities in the identification and programming of EU funds, with particular regard to National and Regional Operational Programs, with their relevant Axes and Measures, as well as Integrated Projects and Integrated Territorial Projects, Framework Agreements, Memoranda of Understanding and other Public Entity Programming Concertation Tools, including advising on private initiatives;

The goal is to identify financial sources, public or private, along with the definition of project lines.

This activity is carried out through actions of identifying the legal framework and policy lines of reference with respect to the project issues, shadowing in the development and articulation of the action, identifying the most suitable sources of funding for individual projects, checking plan of reference institutions, and assisting in the preparation of funding application documents.

In addition, the company’s senior consultants support the client with all expense reporting actions.

The firm has developed numerous conservation and restoration projects for the rehabilitation and preservation of the existing building stock. In particular, he has developed considerable knowledge in the restoration and functional rehabilitation of ancient buildings of historical and architectural value.

This experience has been consolidated, on the one hand, with the implementation of numerous Integrated Plans and Color Plans of Historic Centers of Municipalities through Regional Law No. 26/2002, and on the other, through the recovery and restoration of buildings in Historic Centers, including those of worship.

Numerous interventions aimed at the preservation and protection of natural and environmental resources have been carried out through the implementation of hydraulic forestry works, the re-functionalization of hydraulic regimentation works, the consolidation of slopes and stream banks, giving priority to naturalistic engineering methodologies and techniques, purification plants and sewage and water infrastructures. These interventions were carried out on behalf of the Ministry of Forestry and Municipalities and under Axis 1 of the Campania ROP.

A very important area is Planning through the study of spatial elements, urban and territorial settlement function systems, and the drafting of related general and executive urban planning instruments, according to current urban planning laws.

As mentioned above, in recent years, in light of the increasing focus on energy conservation, the firm has turned to the energy efficiency sector, through interventions aimed at upgrading public and private buildings in relation to energy efficiency, retrofitting of facilities, removal of architectural barriers and improvement of spaces; as well as drafting projects for the production of energy from renewable sources. In addition, the company specializes in the drafting of Energy Environmental Sustainability Action Plans (SEAPs), and support actions for the dissemination of energy policies, including through Covenant of Mayors actions